International Education In Sukhumvit

Thailand continues to be a country that draws many expatriates in. These expatriates relocate their whole lives and families for the many opportunities for work and business, the low cost of living, and the international schools. With 200 such schools across the country, Thailand is third in the Southeast Asian region for the highest number of international schools.

International schools are especially attractive to expatriates due to its bilingual and culturally diverse education, but these reasons are just as attractive to locals as they are to expatriates. It is important to these expatriate and local parents to choose the right international school for their children, but it can be quite difficult, especially with such a large area as is the Sukhumvit district in Bangkok, Thailand. It can be quite intimidating to look through the long list to review each and every one.

One school to pay special attention to is St. Andrews International School Sukhumvit. Parents can look through the school information at to understand more about its curriculum and system.

This international school offers world-class education for learners aged 2 to 18. With its expansive grounds, everyone can enjoy the outdoors for various activities and sports that are crucial in the development of young minds and bodies. The complex also has a theatre, laboratories, a swimming pool, and a covered gymnasium that ensures year-round accessibility to all.

The school has study programs that are patterned after the English National Curriculum. Students aged 14 to 16 are able to prepare for the IGCSE examinations while students 16 to 18 are able to prepare for International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

Its teaching staff have the proper experience and qualification and with over 40 different nationalities, are as diverse as its student and parent population. St. Andrews International School is accredited by bodies both local and international. As a member of Cognita, an international network of seven countries and more than 60 schools, St. Andrews takes a holistic approach to education and ensures all of its students develop positive and international mindsets that follow the “Cognita Way.”

Expatriates and locals looking to ensure their children get the very best of international school education can visit to learn more about how St. Andrews International School Sukhumvit.


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