Interesting Facts About AFL

Australian Rules football is a distinctive sport of Australia. It is one of the most ancient form of football with official written rules of play. The AFL was conceptualized to keep the cricketers active and fit during winters. The game was initially known as the Victoria rules football. It was renamed as the Australian Rules football in 1990. Australian Rules football, is known with many names such as Aussie rules, the footy or the AFL.

AFL is the most popular game in Australia. It attracts the highest number of spectators for any sport in the country. Fans throng to AFL merchandise stores or AFL store online, to buy the merchandise of their favourite teams, before the start of the AFL season.

With the AFL season set to start in two months, let us know some interesting facts about the AFL.

  1. Initially, the game had no fixed time limit. The team which scored two goals first, was declared the winner. If any of the teams could not score two goals during the play, the game was postponed to the next day.
  2. The Melbourne stadium is the largest stadium in Australia for AFL. The stadium has a capacity of 100,024 seats. The grand finale of the AFL takes place in this stadium every year.
  3. The AFL is played all over the world. More than 80 countries, including the likes of Denmark, America, Canada and South Africa play this game.
  4. The highest recorded final score in an AFL Grand final is 177 points by Carlton. They won over Richmond in 1972 with this score. Interestingly, the Richmond team scored 150 points in that final match.
  5. There are eighteen teams or clubs in the present AFL. 10 teams from Australia and 2 teams each from New South Wales, Southern Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.
  6. Hawthorn team has won the most number of AFL championships from 1990. They have won five premierships. The team has won three premierships in a row from 2013 to 2015. The West Coast Eagles are right behind them with 4 premierships till now.

Now that you are equipped with some interesting facts about the AFL, go ahead and play trivia with your Aussies friends. The AFL season is set to start in two months, get your merchandise at an AFL store online and get ready to watch the interesting matches.


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