The Importance Of Right Price To Gain The Attention Of Home Buyers

After being hit hard by a housing crisis, the Las Vegas real estate market is showing signs of improvement; however, selling a house is not an easy task. Homeowners who want to sell their property must ensure that it is properly priced at market value. This means pricing the property as close as possible to the prices in the neighbourhood.

The housing market in Las Vegas has changed considerably so that sellers need to price the property in a way that makes sense to the current market instead of trying to buffer in some wiggle room. According to Tony Kearns of Troy Kearns Group, if the seller wants to achieve the bottom dollar, they usually get it up to the price they want in the competitive market instead of trying to chase the market down.

First impression is also important which requires completing some small projects in the home to gain the interest of potential buyers. According to Tony Kearns, small touch ups can go a long way like a new coat of paint, trimmed landscape and cost effective honey-do projects. Remodelling to improve the resale value of a property does not necessarily mean adding a new bathroom or renovating the kitchen.

A lot of people assume that their 10-year old home is still new. That is not case because new means brand new or newly built. Aside from small projects, maintaining the overall cleanliness of the property can gain the interest of home buyers. When buyers walk in, they want a home that smells clean and fresh.

In Las Vegas, there is always the potential to sell a home no matter the season. People buy a new home during summer because they want to move before school starts. Las Vegas’ mild winter helps in selling a home during the holiday season. The holiday season tends to bring in more serious buyers.

If you want to improve the ambiance of your home before Christmas, there is still adequate time to have a new coat of paint. Don’t hesitate to call Commercial Plasterers in Sydney who take pride in any project they undertake. You are guaranteed the best outcome possible.


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