Importance Of Reviews And Feed backs In The SEO Marketing Strategy

It is very likely to find lots of King Kong SEO reviews in popular online job sites. Aside from educating potential employees about the digital agency, the reviews can drive more traffic to the site. The more reviews published the higher will be the ranking in search engines.

Businesses must treat SEO as an important part of the brand’s website particularly if the goal is to increase organic traffic. At least 61% of marketers have focused their attention on enhancing SEO to achieve organic presence. As long as it is done in an optimized manner, SEO conversion rate is almost 14.6%. By 2020, SEO will be worth $80 billion.

Google is the biggest search engine today with 79% market share. Google puts a lot of importance on quality and relevant content that are featured in websites. Website content must be a combination of blogs, articles and write-ups with images, videos and other multimedia tools.

Keywords are at the centre of SEO which means that they must be chosen properly. More than one half of Google searches uses longtail keywords that are 4-word long or more. Keywords must be correctly placed in content according to Google algorithms to optimize the site for SEO.

Google likes reviews and feedbacks. A search friendly strategy is to regularly add fresh content like positive brand reviews and feedbacks from clients. A business must ask its customers to directly upload their reviews or email their feedbacks to the marketing team. Reviews and feedbacks can dynamically change content.

A lot of emphasis is also placed on link building particularly after Google’s update this year. However, businesses must only link to credible sites. Backlinks from reputable and authoritative websites can help increase organic traffic to the brand. A better option is to include links within text and use linking keywords in the link.

One of the reasons why King Kong SEO reviews are posted in job recruitments sites is to increase traffic to the site. Reviews are one of the demands of modern day marketing because it enhances the visitor’s experience. Reviews have the power to influence potential customers and job applicants in making confident decisions.


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