If You Educate Children Early, They Will Less Likely Join A California Alcohol Rehab Center

Younger children are now learning more about alcohol education programs. A recent study published in the Prevention Science shows alcohol usage tends to increase in the fourth to sixth grades. According to the author of the study, the best time to prevent child alcohol abuse is on the fifth grade. And if you discover the alcoholism early, you prevent the child from entering an alcohol rehab in the future. There will be lesser patients in the California alcohol rehab centers especially from younger children.

John Donovan from the University of Pittsburgh examined 15 years of national and statewide studies of underage alcoholism. Many of the studies remain unpublished but they produced a substantial information among youngsters for that period of time. According to his studies, younger children who were influenced by alcohol were quite alarming. In a 2001 study, nearly four percent of 11 year olds consumed alcohol on a weekly basis.

One main element that was focused in the study is why some parents allow their kids to drink beer or wine especially during family gatherings, weddings, and more. When the kids in the study were asked if they used alcohol, they were not asked about what were the outcomes. However, according to Donovan, the alarming factor was not how much they drank; it’s the fact that as young as they are, they may learn to start drinking alcohol and have a future abuse, will experience school problems, delinquency and teen pregnancy. This of course will need them to be sent to a California alcohol rehab for recovery.

A mother from Los Altos, California, whose daughter aged 18 got out of drug and alcohol rehab, recommended setting a standard in one’s household. She wanted to start the education early and not impose alcohol or drugs as a norm. She’s emphasizing this program to many people aside from having her other 10-year old daughter follow the same path.

Donovan made a point in his study that people need to start talking to their children about alcohol and drug abuse. In fact, parents who discuss them over with their kids are 50% less likely to use them. If you educate them now, they will not likely join a California alcohol rehab center for recovery.


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