How You Can Achieve A Greener Christmas

There are a lot of colors that are acquainted with the Christmas season. If you think about it, white would probably be the most popular but red and gold are also widely used. Another color, however, shows not only significance for Christmas but for a much grander cause. If you still don’t know what color is being referred, it’s the color of health, prosperity, and NATURE. Yes, it’s green. While Christmas is mostly white, people don’t care much about going green. Just think about all the wastes that’ll be accumulated from all the wrapping and opening of gifts? In fact, in the US alone, about 1 million extra tons of trash is being produced every year during the Christmas season.

So if you love Mother Nature and Christmas at the same time, you WILL check these eco-friendly tips below.

  1. Recycle wrapping paper. It is better to recycle used wrapping paper. If you don’t have reusable wrapping paper, then why not find an alternative? You can use all sorts of materials for wrapping. Newspapers, magazines, fabrics and old calendars can be turned into creative and good-looking gift wrappers.
  2. Stay inside. Transportation, or the carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles, has the biggest impact on the environment so it would be better if you limit your travel during the Christmas season.
  3. Go with LED. Christmas will never be complete without all the colorful lights that add to the festive element of the season but Christmas lights can consumer quite a lot of energy. If you want to help the environment, it would be better if you use LED lights because their consumption lowers up to 90% on energy.
  4. Buy in bulk. If you were to buy food, decorations and other items like a silk ribbon, make sure to buy in bulk in order to reduce the wastes from packaging.
  5. Use real dishes. Disposable ones contribute a lot to pollution.
  6. Go for a real tree. If you think about it, it would seem bad to cut a real tree for Christmas since you are planning to go green but there are Christmas trees that are grown for that purpose and can be replanted outside your house.


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