How Two-Wheelers Are Changing The Courier Industry

There is no escaping traffic these days. It is present in almost every big city in the world. This is one of the most pressing issues by residents of Manila in the Philippines. This also paved way to a new way of delivering online products and parcels – two-wheeler or motorcycles. This type of delivery might not be as commonly used by courier services in NZ but it is surely proving to be a more convenient method.

For small entrepreneurs in Manila, they hire mover service in order to deliver to their buyers the products they have purchased online. Online shopping is very popular these days because it is hassle-free and consumers can order from the comfort of their houses and wait for their orders to be delivered. There are even online services where you can hire someone to shop for you either from the local grocery shop or wet market.

These two-wheelers are not only effective in delivering products but even actual human passengers. In Manila where the traffic is unbearable, some people hire what locals call as “Angkas ride” in order to get from one point to another without getting stuck in traffic.

For this holiday, motorcycles are mostly hired to deliver packages by online retail sites. This has provided a lot of people a new way to earn money by delivering gifts this Christmas season. They get to earn more for the holidays by simply carrying packages at the back of their motorcycles and delivering them to recipients.

As of writing, there are around 20,000 riders in Manila that are offering their services to carry human passengers who want to beat the traffic in the metropolitan city. There is even an app developed for easier hiring by passengers and to rule out the unqualified riders.

This might sound foreign to courier services in NZ but there might come a day when they have to make use of these two-wheelers in order to deliver parcels faster. With new businesses and technology, it is not far from happening. Manila is just one example that this type of service is possible and effective.


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