How To Save Your Budget On Branded Merchandise

The type of branded merchandise that you give out to your prospects says so much about your product and even your business. They represent your business and also your image so it would be best to hand out promo items that would best portray the branding message that you would like to convey. Giving out promo merchandise would mean slicing a good amount from your budget just to promote your brand. You might think that this would cost your company a lot but there are ways for you to reduce the costs without compromising the quality of the promo items. Here are some ideas.

Canvas from different suppliers

One way to get the right promotional items without ruining your promotional budget is by checking different companies that offer promotional merchandise. No matter how attractive the deals maybe, always check from other sources to have a better option. Do not just look at the price but consider where and how you can stretch your money’s worth. When you visit the website of suppliers, look for deals or promo tabs to find items that are affordable yet useful to your target recipients.

Ask for sample items

Another way to save money on your branded merchandise is to ask for sample items from the supplier. This way, you can be sure that you will not be wasting your money on the promo items and that you will hand out items that are surely worth your money. Some items may look good on the internet but they may actually look cheap and with poor quality when they reach your hand. To be safe, ask for product sample and notice the quality of the product including the quality of printing for logos or tag lines.

Buy in bulk

You can also save money if you would bur more branded merchandise from one supplier. Instead of buying a few pieces, you can ask for discounts from the suppliers when you buy more. You also save on shipping fees although there are companies that offer free shipping and that would be another cost-saving opportunity for you.


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