How To Rent A Space For ATM Installation Agency

Many businesses today are in search for places to be rented out to do the operations of its daily transactions. This is profitable for people who have extra spaces that can be utilized for lease, thus, creating avenues for passive income.

There is now a rising demand for leasing spaces for ATM installation agency by most banks all over the country. The customer bank will negotiate for a place to be rented out for a certain number of years. A contract is executed and can be renewed for another number of years depending on the agreement.

Approach a Bank

You can search in the advertisement for any banks that need ATM installation agency in your place. The ads are usually published by banks on the local papers. There is a validity period on the advertisement for you to apply. An application form is published on the bank’s website. If you are interested, you can download the form and fill up all the fields needing information about your listed property. After which, the marketing team of the bank will choose and decide for a suitable location where they can install their ATMs. Aside from the local papers advertisement, the banks’ websites also provide information on their need of spaces for lease for ATM installation. You can just check it out.

Methods of selecting a location

All banks have their own processes in selecting a strategic location. Here are some of the things the bank considers:

  • Areas that are near business establishments such as schools, department stores, hospitals, bus stations, and other similar places.
  • Any area in your locality where there is average foot traffic.
  • The property must be in the ground floor.
  • Accessibility from the main road.
  • Property is a commercial area.
  • Ample supply of electricity.
  • Installed rolling shutter.
  • Parking facility is an added advantage.

The amount of rent must be agreed upon and is based on the location of your property. There are many factors to consider which all banks have their own criteria that you and the bank must agree upon when the final decision is executed. Remember, everything must be documented for future use.


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