How To Relax In Hotel Near Lumpini Park

There are several reasons why people travel. There are those who take a vacation to get away from the stress of urban life while there are those who just want to get away from it all. If you want to take a vacation for relaxation purposes, book in a hotel near Lumpini Park. There are just so many things you can do around the area. At Lumpini Park, a day is not enough to cover more than half a million square metres of exciting things to do and the relaxation opportunities that the place offers. Here are some of the things that you can do while in the area.

Enjoy nature and fresh air

Lumpini Park is considered as Bangkok’s Green Lung. It is where health-conscious residents and tourists go for some fresh air and to practice tai chi early in the morning down to the middle of the day. Tai chi is also perfect to practice at dusk especially when you do it near Lumpini Park’s lake. The park is home to a forest park teeming with rich flora and fauna including an open air park where you can just relax or exercise in their outdoor gym.

Get entertained

One of the benefits of booking in a hotel near Lumpini Park is that you can get free entertainment. You can just take a mat with you or rent one at a meagre 30 baht, and you can listen to local bands playing classical or jazz music. If you are into wellness, you can join open-air aerobics sessions or shoot some hoops in the park’s basketball court o you can just lie down at the park and let your feet enjoy the serenity offered by fresh morning-dew grass. If you get hungry, there are snacks available at their hawker stalls nearby.

Shop to de-stress

Bangkok is known for its night markets and rich shopping centres. To get a shopping like no other, get your accommodation at a hotel near Lumpini Park so you can easily get to where the shopping centres are without difficulty.


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