How To Improve Customer Service With ITIL

Nowadays, being customer-oriented is very essential not just for service providers but almost all businesses. This means that in order for a business to be customer-oriented then they must give emphasis on two important things – focus on meeting the needs of the customer and make sure that customers are able to have the satisfaction from the experience. Mastering both needs some skills thus many are enrolling in ITIL service capability training in Perth.

In order for the goal in achieving these two become a success, there are some conditions that must be met:

  • The organization must be capable in making sure that the strategy used for a customer-oriented process will be followed in the entire lifecycle of the customer.
  • The needs as well as expectations of the customers must be fully understood by the business.
  • The strategy for a customer-oriented business must receive commitment not just from the leaders but up to the lowest ranking staff in the business hierarchy.
  • Satisfaction by the customer changes with time thus the business must be committed in adapting as necessary.

To get a better understanding of the customers, one must be able to define what is essential to them and make sure that they are satisfied at all times. Effort from the part of the staff is required if they are to expect good feedback from customers.

The feedbacks are important because it will be used by the service provider as a basis on things that needs improvement. They will be able to identify what makes the customers happy and what causes dissatisfaction. The most important role that ITIL plays is ensuring that customer services are provided in every process and all functions of a business.

For ITIL’s function and processes it is important to be consistent when it comes to delivering good service. This is why many staffs are required to join ITIL service capability training in Perth in order to make sure that quality service is provided to customers. ITIL follows a model known as Kano Evaluation Model which helps them identify the needs of the customers thus serving them better as a result.


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