How To Handle Negative Reviews From Disgruntled Employees

When an employee posts positive comments in King Kong agency reviews, you better believe it because nobody knows an employer better than the employee himself. There are employers that provide excellent working environments and nurture talent throughout all the levels of the organization. Knowing that the company cares for real is a very good morale booster.

Meanwhile, there are also popular career sites where disgruntled employees post negative reviews on companies where they used to be employed. It is important for employers to keep abreast with any news, comments, articles or blogs that can touch the brand. It makes sense to establish accounts in career sites and setup alerts when there are comments about the company.

There must always be a procedure in place to respond to negative reviews. Some companies prefer an HR professional to respond under the company’s name or some loyal employees who can respond using their personal names. The bottom line here is to have a strategy so that replies will be consistent and successful.

The tone of the response must always be personalized and empathic. It is important to highlight the fact that the company wants to create a positive working environment. If the company needs to respond with an apology, the more sincere “we” must be used. A disgruntled employee can make false statements and it makes sense to correct the wrong information with facts.

If the review is positive, show the company’s gratitude by appreciating the feedback. Stress the value of creating a workplace culture where employees are happy and well motivated. A good amount of positive reviews will overwhelm the negative ones but make sure that the positive comments are not written by current employees.

Does the criticism have a point? If so, consider it an opportunity for improvement. It is very likely that there are certain areas in the operations where improvements will be beneficial.

Saying thank you to employees when warranted never hurts. It is not surprising for employees to post positive King Kong agency reviews because they are pleased with the awesome culture and good management. The company is supportive and encourages employees to grow.


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