How To Get To Your Destination By Riding A Bus From Bangkok To Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is a relaxing oasis in the Gulf of Thailand with some of the best pristine white sandy beaches. There are so many ways to reach the island, especially if you are on a budget. The best way is to ride a bus from Bangkok to Koh Phangan to ensure you reach your destination. From Bangkok, the bus routes take you to Surat Thani Province. Then you can proceed to ride ferryboats on your way to Koh Phangan.

The bus from Bangkok to Koh Phangan can have varying standards depending on your choice. They can range from basic, to the too crowded government buses, and to luxury VIP services. Across the country, there will be available buses with various routes depending on where you are going. You may need to know about it before you come to Thailand.

Taking the VIP Services

The buses leave Bangkok with popular overnight services. The journey can take you long hours of waiting before you reach KohPhangan. It may even be wiser if you can sleep along the way. The VIP bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan is a comfortable ride with all the air conditioning and provision ofreclining seats. However, it’s more expensive than a regular bus. Thebus also offers free refreshments to make your trip worthwhile.

When you travel by bus, ensure that you take close watch of your belongings, especially if you are carrying something valuable. Thieves can prey on you as they head on to steal your luggage.

Buying Tickets and Transfers

Tickets for your bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan and ferry transfers are available in most travel agencies in Bangkok. However, confirmation of the tickets is needed to ensure you are really booked for Surat Thani and KohPhangan. Only buy tickets from accredited retailers.

If you reach the bus station in Surat Thani, you will be transferred to a smaller bus that takes you to the pier. You’ll notice that there is so much travelling here, especially if you’re on a budget. However, you save more from the trip, than flying from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. Once you arrive, there will be so much things to see and do in this island.


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