How To Create An Organized, Aesthetically Beautiful And Functional Kitchen

Remodelling the kitchen can be a huge undertaking with a ton of factors to consider. There are homeowners who prefer stone feature wall tiles that will not go out of style or require costly improvements. Others want a remodelling project that will ensure that everything looks organized without going over the budget.

According to professional organizer Shira Gill, she has found the secret to creating a kitchen that is beautiful, functional and affordable. As a working mom with two kids, Shira has to properly plan the kitchen renovation so that it will last for years and increase the value of the home. In order to create a kitchen that is functional and stylish, Shira suggests open shelving.

Instead of investing on custom cabinetry, open shelving will provide a more aesthetically pleasing view. Cabinet doors can be removed with space freshened up with a fresh coat of white paint. A clean and tidy kitchen can be maintained by keeping essentials simple. An organized and streamlined effect can be achieved by investing in durable ceramics and glassware.

To ensure that the utility drawer is organized, junk must be disposed off. Household essentials must be found at a moment’s notice. Splurging in custom drawer organizers is not suggested. Similarly, home owners need not purchase a new refrigerator. Very often, what the ref needs is an extensive cleanout.

Since the kitchen is often the natural centre of a family, the layout must be comfortable for togetherness. The kitchen walls can be opened with a peninsula created with seating that can extend to the dining room. This arrangement will make the space look more inviting and brighter. The counter can become the favourite destination for snacks, socializing and when homework and projects require space. Large glass containers can be used to store grab-and-go snacks for the kids.

The aesthetics of the kitchen can be elevated with the use of stone feature wall tiles that can extend to the dining room for a cohesive effect. Your design will come to life because the decorative tiles are a beautiful solution whether for the outdoors or the indoors. There is a stunning range of designs for whatever you are planning.


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