How To Care For Platinum Engagement Rings

Engagement rings in general are quite expensive especially if they are made of high quality materials such as platinum and gold. These engagement rings such as platinum engagement rings become even more precious and expensive when it has gemstones, diamond studs or with intricate design. Apart from its monetary value, engagement rings also hold meaning because of its significance to relationships. Wearing an engagement ring means that you are already committed to someone. Thus, it is important that you keep it in perfect condition. Here are some engagement ring caring tips that you can refer to.

Remove ring when cleaning

Avoid exposing your hands with harsh materials while wearing your ring. If you need to clean kitchen and other areas in the house using strong cleaning agents, remove the ring first as it could scratch the ring’s surface. You should also remove your ring if you are going to engage in heavy hand work or crafts or if you are going to do some gardening. It is also important to remove platinum engagement rings if you are going to lift or carry heavy items or if you are going to do heavy exercise or engage in sports activities.

Store properly

Keep your engagement rings and other jewelleries in cool, dry and clean jewellery box, preferably with partitions. This will prevent the rings from scratching or bumping with other jewelleries. For light cleaning, use gentle detergent soap, warm water and soft toothbrush for light scrubbing. Do not use bleach or other harsh cleaning agents for its cleaning and maintenance.

Professional care

Precious jewels need to be checked by a professional jeweller to ensure that the gemstones remain snug and tightly in place. Professional cleaning and check should be done once or twice in a year. You should also have the ring checked if it was subjected to impact. If platinum engagement rings need to be adjusted or resized, make sure that the jeweller uses platinum stock and not white gold in its readjustment, as this will cause dark marks on the ring especially on the soldered area.


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