How To Become A Realtor In Canada

Real estate is a flourishing industry in Canada. A career in the real estate business offers you numerous job opportunities that give you attractive compensations in terms of commissions and other freebies if you are affiliated in a brokerage company.

Becoming a realtor in Canada allows you to assist people in the purchase and disposition of properties such as farmlands, homes, commercial, and industrial properties. You can also engage yourself in property management, mortgage banking, land development, real estate assessment, and urban planning.

Most people start as sales agents connected in a real estate company. Other opportunities include office assistant, rental agent, licensed agent assistant, bank mortgage division personnel, office staff in a lending institution, and other positions related to the real estate industry.

Licensing and Educational Requirements

Provincial authorities determine the licensing and educational requirements for jobs in the industry. Usually, you are required to comply with a minimum level of educational attainment. You may also be observed on a practical training termed as “articling” before you can register as a real estate person. Although the requirements for a real estate professional vary across the country, all territories and provinces require brokers and salespersons to pass a written examination.

Many universities and colleges offer various courses related to real estate. Students may choose to specialize in a curriculum that would lead to a real estate bachelor’s degree. Many provinces require real estate professionals to have a continuing professional education to keep them updated with the current developments in the industry and in the profession. When a person acquires a license from a province, he or she can already be a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association as well as the local Board and finally become a Realtor.

A Realtor enjoys a variety of career opportunities in the real estate industry allowing him to diversify his services. This means more opportunities to earn extra income from every consummated transaction made.

Being a Realtor is an exciting profession that allows you to meet different kinds of people. It gives you the opportunity to travel and see different places as part of your job while you enjoy the experiences you gained from them.


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