How To Avoid Being Duped By Furniture Vendors

Many homeowners want to be proud of their home that is why they are very selective when it comes to choice of furniture. One type of furniture that is considered incredible and absolutely beautiful includes Chadwick collection of stylish furniture with the fresh and elegant gray finish. You will never go wrong with this type of furniture because it will never go unnoticed.

More than $100 billion every year is spent by Americans on furniture but more often than not, they do not get value for the money paid. Many of the furniture labels are misleading because the government ignores the label’s content. In 2002, the Federal Trade Commission act that bars unfair and deceptive acts in the furniture industry was rescinded.

Because of the FTC changes, standards were relaxed and consumers shopping in both the high-end and low-end markets were affected. According to John Smith, designer and manufacturer at Willem Smith Furniture Works, deceptive marketing is very unfair for the good guys in the furniture industry.

One of the most common examples of misrepresentation is the use of wood names on labels. A piece of furniture cannot be called oak if it is only coated in oak-colored stain or clad in oak veneer. This is obviously against the rules of labeling. Vendors of furniture must put all the details of the furniture construction on their sales tag.

Consumers who want to obtain the full story about a set of furniture must be able to gain information from brochures or the company’s website. Furniture with oak veneers is not bad as long as the fact is disclosed to the customer. Consumers buying oak furniture must run their hands on the surface of the furniture. If the material is oak, there must be some grains; otherwise, it is only laminate or plastic printed with wood pattern.

You can expect nothing short of exceptional build quality from Chadwick collection of stylish oak furniture that is truly incredible. All the furniture are solidly constructed and not simply assembled. It is guaranteed to transform the home into something that is not only elegant but spectacular. The prices are competitive and the furniture can be delivered right at your doorstep.


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