How The Croatians Celebrated The Semi Final Win At Sports Bars

Have you experienced the excitement at sports bar in Caringbah whenever an Australian team plays in a world sport’s competition? The sports bar is the greatest place to watch all the action and feel the excitement. It is not the drinks and food that matter but the best sports experience.

The Croatian community in Australia missed a good night sleep to watch the World Cup. As early as 2 AM, hundreds of Croatians streamed into the Kim Tom Croatian Club in Edensor Park in western Sydney. A group of girls did not sleep that night while others tried to convince bouncers to allow them into the club in spite of being underage.

There were long queues at sports bars where people were fuelled by beer, spirits, coffee and Cevapi in bread, a kind of European skinless sausage. On the entrance and main bar area, printed pictures of the Croatian team decorated the walls. The noise and excitement was overwhelming that nobody noticed the fire alarm going off 30 minutes before a player kicked the ball.

Joe Zuzul, a regular patron of the sports bar said that he watched every Croatian game during the World Cup. Even if he only got a few hours of sleep, he fully knows that it was a big night for Croatians. He told everybody that he was going to miss work whether the Croatian team won or lost.

At the club, people were given free sandwiches and Cevapi rolls. According to club president Tom Lerotic, it was the biggest crowd they have had to watch the World Cup. Making it to the semi-finals was a big thing for the Croatians. The first time that Croatia competed in the World Cup in 1998, it made the semi finals. You can just imagine the pandemonium when Croatia defended England’s free kick in the last dying seconds.

It is common for a celebratory drink to be shared by patrons of sports bar in Caringbah when a favourite team wins. Everybody is in a jubilant mood for celebrations. You will hear the loudest cheers when everything goes perfect. The excitement and jubilation is what people are looking for when they watch games at sports bars.


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