How Reviews Influence A Consumer’s Decision

Digital marketing plays a key role in the new normal as many brick-and-mortar stores turn to online operations to stand out in the highly competitive world of business. When choosing a digital marketing agency to work with, the best option is to read customer feedback like king kong advertising review on legitimate review platforms.

While there are many factors that can influence a consumer’s decision, there is nothing more than influential than reviews. Reviews are the modern-day word-of-mouth recommendations that consumers trust. The more reviews that a business gets the more influential it appears in Google search results.

Most customers don’t leave reviews after they purchase a product or service. A business must wait until the customer has fully experienced the product before requesting for feedback. This is the reason why Metacritic changed its review policies for video games. Metacritic wanted the players to leave reviews after a game has been released for 36 hours and they have experienced playing with it.

For local businesses, it is suggested to send an email reminder a few days or a week after the completion of a transaction and the customer has been comfortable with using the product. Instead of collecting email addresses, smart in-store checkout devices offer the option of sending digital receipts to the customer’s email.

There are many strategies to encourage a king kong advertising review from a client but the best technique is to provide the best user experience beyond their expectations. Another strategy is to pay attention to all reviews received because a customer appreciates a business that values their opinions.


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