How Plasterers In Sydney Work For Home Renovations

Whether you reconstruct your kitchen or simply hang a mirror, you need to know the importance of wall coverings. A typical interior wall surface to use is the drywall and plaster. Here, we will explain why you need plasterers in Sydney for such service.

Why Drywall Exists

An old houseconstructed in the 1950s will usually have plaster ceilings and walls. Plaster is so much recognised for its versatility, capacity to be fire resistant and to minimise noise. Back then, it was a typical option for wall coverings aside from choosing stone, brick or frame construction. It’s also flexible as you can influence the fit in any curve, corner or crevice. Plaster makes a superior solution for wall designs and hard surfaces. That’s why you need plasterers in Sydney to expertly install it in your homes.

Plaster Walls Aren’t Just for Luxury

Even smaller homes need to install plaster to create a beautiful interior wall, then whitewash, paint, or cover it with wallpaper. Plaster is a mixture of cement, sand and water, which is placed to a base of metal or wood laths, or punctured plasterboard. The first step is to trowel the scratch coat onto the laths. The plaster is oozed out through the lath while keeping the backing as it toughens. A white coat finish is then troweled to the scratch coat and polished to attain a final surface.

Never Give Up Hope

Historic or period homes may have decorative plasters that can go beyond repairs, though proficient plasterers in Sydney can save it from undergoing prime renovations.  The trick is to apply a new layer of plaster over the old to enhance its look. Certainly, one is not after the preservation of the historical integrity of the home but rather its practicality. If you had to remove the plaster and substitute it with drywall, you’ll be faced with more maintenance problems for the home.

Plastering without Plaster

If you want to add plaster to your new home or probably renovate an older house, you can utilise available materials to imitate the original plaster without using the actual product. You can use similar materials for your new interior, which are durable, stronger and may be completed with a finish coat to exude its natural beauty. Look for plasterers in Sydney that do the job well. You may need them for a serious home renovation.


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