How Do Reviews Differ From Testimonials

It is rather common for reviews and testimonials to be used interchangeably but there are important differences between them that businesses must know so that they can be used effectively. However, their benefits are similar in the sense that they can influence the purchasing decision of a consumer.

Reviews are generally shorter than testimonials. It can be one sentence or two or a paragraph that describes a particular experience with a product or service. Since reviews are shorter and lack details, their quantity becomes very crucial to a business.

On the other hand, testimonials have more depth because a customer usually explains why he chose the product, how it improved his life, and his personal experience using the product. Even if testimonials are given directly to a company, the permission of the customer is required if the testimonial will be used as promotional material on the website or brochure.

Since a business usually requests a testimonial from a happy customer, it is almost always positive and favourable to the brand. Meanwhile, reviews can be positive or negative depending on the interaction of the customer with a particular product. Since consumers will be looking for information before they make a purchasing decision, it makes sense to share a testimonial or a review on the website.

When it comes to choosing between testimonials and king kong agency review, the digital marketing agency usually decides to use both. They understand the differences between the two; however, they provide the benefits of winning new clients at every opportunity.


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