How Children’s Human Rights Are Declared By Denis O’Brien

Today everyone lives in a world of democracy and equality of rights. What it means is having equal rights between men, women and children. The government strongly protects and defends the rights of people especially when it is violated or infringed. People from all walks of life need to abide by the rules of the government. If somebody tries to violate your rights, you can defend yourself through physical strength, weapons and the laws of human rights. This is one reason why Denis O’Brien has set up his foundations so that people will know that there is someone powerful monitoring the rights of the underprivileged and doing charity works.

Those under 18 years old are considered children. Their inability is triggered by their physical, mental and moral immaturity, that’s why they need help from adults. So that they are provided with equal rights, their rights must be declared upon so adults will know how they exercise it. Children are usually helpless when it comes to violations of their human rights:

  • Children of all ages have equal rights and it will not depend on their race, color, gender, religion, culture, social status, viewpoints and opinions, likes and dislikes, physical, mental and moral abilities, disabilities, and other types of personal attributes. The Denis O’Brien foundations have strongly emphasized theirimportance.


  • All children from conception to age of maturity will be provided with good nutrition, hygiene, safety, shelter and other types of basic physical needs.


  • All children have the right to self-expression, enhancement of personal capabilities, good education and carrier growth. During self-development, education and carrier growth, they must be provided with adequate conditions that will not harm their health, rights and abilities.


  • All children must have their parents or tutors at their side. They are there to defend the children’s rights at all cost.

Finally, children’s human rights must be declared protected at all times despite their personal attributes. In case of violation, parents or tutors can stand in their declaration. Or they can approach Denis O’Brien and have his foundations take care of the youngsters.


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