How An Electric Motor Works Through Permanent Magnets

The most widely used type of magnet today is rare earth Neodymium magnets because they are considered the strongest among the commercially available permanent magnets. They are now being used as replacement for the traditional magnets that are used for applications like motors in cordless tools, hard disk drives and magnetic fasteners.

Permanent magnets are fundamental parts of many motors that take advantage of the technological innovations in obtaining powerful and stable magnetic materials. The rare earth magnet that contains lanthanide elements like neodymium and samarium are known for their large magnetic moments. The magnet will only lose less than 1% of its strength within 10 years except when physically damaged or overheated.

In a typical electric motor, there is an external source of power that passes through a rotor field to serve as an electromagnet that is attracted to a permanent magnet to rotate the motor. To ensure that there will be continuous rotation, the electromagnet will allow the rotor field to reverse the polarity of the magnetic field and produce repulsion. If the polarity of the rotor is not reversed, the electromagnet can escape and return to rest opposite the permanent magnet because there is no attractive force that will pull the electromagnet towards the permanent magnet.

In order to eliminate the need to power the stator, an electric motor can make use of permanent magnets without field windings to serve as electromagnets in the stator frame. The permanent magnets in the stator frame will provide the magnetic field that will interact with the rotor field to produce torque. The use of permanent magnets like rare earth Neodymium magnets will reduce electrical consumption.

Those who have handled permanent magnets and experienced the attractive and repulsive forces between the two can easily imagine how an electric motor can be powered entirely from the intrinsic magnetic fields that are generated by permanent magnets.

Shopping for rare earth Neodymium magnets can be hassle-free through online stores. A wide range of magnets including magnetic tools and equipment are available for any type of project. If the size or grade you are looking for is not available, it will be sourced at no extra cost.


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