Homebuyer Warns Other Of Pre-purchased Building And Pest Inspection Reports

A homeowner based in Sydney recently purchased a house but later found out that over $100,000 is the needed amount to repair the damage that comes with it. For this reason, the buyer sent a warning to other people who are hunting for property regarding paying more attention to the reports provided for the pre-purchase inspection.

The buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, bought a house last year with a 1920s terrace, two bedrooms and one bathroom for almost $1 million. The property is located in St Peters which is in the inner west side of Sydney.

According to the report from the building inspection and pest control in Sydney, there are no significant problems highlighted by the selling agent but there was a note that states that there were some parts in the house that were not visited by the building inspector due to lack of access. The second report revealed that there are large amount of damage from termites and borer as well as structural damages.

The buyer said that first report indicated that majority of the property is fine along with a caution that they were not able to inspect underneath it. He admitted that he was not experienced when it comes to property buying thus he thought inspection under the house is not necessary.

The first report indicated that inspections were conducted at the internal area, extension, roof void and external area but they are not able to access the whole subfloor and parts of the roof void.

Another potential buyer ordered inspection which led to the second report revealing that there are significant damages caused by termites in different areas of the house after they have inspected the site, building interior, outbuildings, building exterior, roof space, roof exterior and the subfloor space. The second potential buyer decided not to offer a bid because of the second report’s result.

The buyer admitted that it is also his fault but he cannot believe that these kinds of inspection reports are considered acceptable. This is why he cautioned homeowners to hire their own building and pest control in Sydney to inspect in order to ensure that they will get accurate results.


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