Historic Place To Hold Philadelphia Weddings

If you think about your wedding day, it is a once in a lifetime event which will happen in your lifetime thus it is only important that the right setting should be chosen for the biggest day in your life. It is only adequate to choose a venue that will represent just how important the occasion is in the history of your life.

For locals in Philadelphia, there is a new ideal location that can be added to your list of wedding venue options and it is the Water Works by Cescaphe Event Groups. The landmark is an icon in the area because it has been there for 200 years already and it has already witnessed a number of wedding ceremonies before. The difference now is that the team from Cescaphe has performed some renovations on the venue which transformed the place into anything but old.

Water Works is the very first outdoor venue for reception to be offered by Cescaphe. This is the best place to gaze at the Philadelphia skyline while overlooking the Schuylkill River which is situated at the bottom of the Art Museum. The group will be able to cater to different types of wedding, no matter how intimate or big the celebration is.

If you are planning to have a medium size wedding with around 150 to 200 guests then the Grand Pavilion is the perfect space with its beautiful neo-classic pillars. This is only available in selected months. If the couple is looking for a bigger wedding celebration with customized wedding planning, a designer tent will be erected at the Mill House Desk. The space is able to hold up to a maximum of 350 guests.

There are those who desire a more intimate celebration with family and closest friends only thus the historic Engine House is the perfect space because it can accommodate between 85 and 140 guests. This space has undergone major renovations and it contains new features such as chandeliers, the walls have been repainted, the trimmings were updated and it comes with a private bridal suite.

If you are in Australia and planning to have an outdoor wedding then worry no more because there is Marquee for Hire in Sydney.



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