Historic Car Organization Denounces EV Conversions

With the world embracing green technology, electric vehicles are becoming the popular thing in the automobile industry, with many manufacturers offering electric vehicles, or electric auto parts conversion for older models, even classic ones, like the Beetle. However, a worldwide historic car organization has denounced the process.

The International Federation of Historic Vehicles, or FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens), a UNESCO-affiliated organization whose purpose is to preserve, and protect historic vehicles across the world.

They released a statement early in October, saying that they’re not happy with owners or builders that pass off EV converted vehicles as classic cars, and that they cannot promote the electric conversion of historic vehicles, especially if the process cannot be reversed.

FIVA Vice President Tiddo Bresters explained, saying that, in FIVA’s opinion, it’s not the shape or aesthetics of a car that makes it a classic, but its construction and manufacture, in its original state, with its original auto parts, not used for daily transport, and is part of the world’s technical and cultural history.

While there are some enthusiasts that would argue against the FIVA’s terms, but a lot of the same enthusiasts are also aware that any restoration modding on historic cars is likely to garner some negative attention from purists, particularly from concours judges.

Bresters says that FIVA believes that it’s more than a car’s shape or body structure that makes it a classic, but also its creation and manufacture, in its original state.

However, FIVA has offered a compromise; if any electrified vehicle is returned to its original state, with all of its original parts, then FIVA will give it their approval, returning its status as a historic vehicle.

FIVA stated that they recommend anyone who’s considering an EV conversion to keep all of their car’s original parts, store them, then catalogue them, leaving the option to return them, and the car’s status as a historic vehicle, whenever the owner desires to do so.

Electrification has been the talk of the auto industry, with more than just hobbyists taking it up now. Notably, Aston Martin and Jaguar are offering EV conversion programs that are reversible, which would be acceptable for FIVA’s standards.


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