High Relocation Rate Consistent In Connecticut

United Van Lines, a moving company, has released their tracking statistics which shows that many Americans still favor moving to the western side. The places located in the Midwest as well as the Northeast are experiencing decline in population because of people buy boxes for moving after deciding to relocate.

The moving company is located in the suburban of St. Louis and they revealed the figures as part of their 41st Annual National Movers Study. The study focuses on monitoring the migration patterns of all their customers from one state to another.

In the case of outbound moves, the highest rate goes to Illinois and followed by the states of New Jersey on the second spot. The third spot was bagged by New York and Connecticut on the fourth while the fifth spot is Kansas.

The rate of moving out in Connecticut is 57 per cent and for the third year in a row, the state has managed to be included in the top list. For seven years, the outbound rate in the state has been maintained between medium and high. The last year when Connecticut has seen a balanced percentage between inbound and outbound was in 2010.

The main reason residents are relocating away from Connecticut is because of their job. Among those who have moved, the biggest age group seen is from the age of 55 until 64. Most of the people who have left from Connecticut are found to be earning a salary of $150,000 or over.

In the western part of the country, the top four places people move to are Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. In the northeastern part of the country, the state with the most inbound migration recorded in 2017 is Vermont because of the high percentage of movers coming to settle there. For last year, 68 per cent of the moves between states have been revealed to be inbound.

The data showed that people who buy boxes for moving are coming to states where the housing costs are much lower, the temperatures are more moderate and the employment rate is higher than the national average.


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