Hershey Working On Creating Targeted Ads For Halloween Amidst COVID

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to stay at home and maintain social distancing, many parents are rightfully worried for their kids. With Halloween coming up, many are also wondering how the popular holiday will change in light of recent events.

Pennsylvania candy company Hershey’s have also been watching carefully, with plans to create special ads for people living in COVID-19 USA. The company’s been looking analyzing things relating to digital advertising, like many a king kong advertising review, locational data, and search history, looking to create targeted digital ads for customers for Halloween.

The company reported to news media outlet Reuters that they’re partnering up with Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. in order to work on their newest marketing strategy. The company will be creating their digital ads based on the data that Google provide.

The Pennsylvania candy company partnered up with Google in August 2020 for access to search history data, used to determine the likelihood of someone going outside. For example, someone looking for business hours on local stores or possible vacation destinations show an inclination to leave the house.

Hershey Chief Sales Officer Phil Stanley, in an interview back in August 20202 which also announced the partnership, stated that Hershey’s is working on changing how they communicate and reach out to customers on a weekly basis, using geographical data to make adjustments.

This is only one of the many changes that US candy companies are making in preparation for Halloween 2020, following the year’s disappointing Easter. This is due to the fact that Halloween is traditionally the candy industry’s most important holiday season based on sales numbers, with Christmas season, Easter, and Valentine’s Day trailing behind. For Hershey’s in particular, Halloween accounts for nearly a tenth of its $8bn annual sales numbers.

Marketing analytics firm OptiMine Software’s CEO; Matt Voda, reports that their data suggests that only a third of parents in the US are planning to have their kids go trick-or-treating, which is the main issue for candy companies.

Digital marketing has shifted in the wake of the COVID-10 pandemic, with things like how a king kong advertising review is perceived changing, among other things. For candy companies, marketing shifted towards convincing people that going outside is no longer a key part of the Halloween season.



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