Herbs Effective In Battling Fatigue

There are many forms of fatigue and each person will have to experience at least once in a lifetime. Some suffer more than others thus they take supplements such as adrenal balance to fight fatigue. People who have recurring fatigue should be aware that their body must be telling them something – it could be toxic or the adrenal glands might have been worn out and cleansing is necessary. There are many types of cleansing such as heavy metal cleanse, colon cleanse, chemical cleanse, liver cleanse, parasite cleanse or gallbladder cleanse.

Aside from cleansing, it is also important to change one’s diet. Stimulants of fatigue should be lesser such as coffee. There are a few herbs recommended in battling fatigue including Siberian ginseng, licorice root, gotu kola, ginkgobiloba and sea kelp.

Siberian ginseng is also called eleuthero which can help raise the ability of the human body to manage stress, helps in fatigue reduction and naturally aid the body in making sure the adrenal functions are healthy as well as the hormone levels. According to a study, Siberian ginseng is effective in improving fitness, raising stamina and reducing fatigue. The herb is popular in Russia where it is consumed as an adaptogen.

Licorice root is effective in treating damaged adrenals and help curb cravings for foods with caffeine and sugar. The herb contains glycyrrhizin which helps in improving the cortisol activity of the body, decrease fatigue and raise overall energy.

Gotu Kola is another herb that is used as an adaptogen especially in ayurvedic practice of medicine. Various research have shown that it increase energy levels, eliminates fatigue and raise stamina. It is also coined as the most spiritual among herbs because it is utilized by monks during their meditation.

Ginkgo bilobahas been recorded in history dating back 300 million years as the oldest living specie of tree in the world. In Germany, it is treated as a prescription herb. It improves the body’s ability to utilize oxygen and lessen fatigue.

Sea kelp is good for people experiencing fatigue because It has iodine that normalizes the thyroid gland of a person. Thyroid plays an important role in a healthy metabolism. If all of these herbs do not work, supplements such as adrenal balance are also recommended.


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