How Healthy Trees Can Be Affected By Improper Pruning Practices

Over the past decade, harmful and inadequate tree pruning practices were employed on Norco trees. At least 231 Norco trees that were subjected to improper pruning are due for removal over the next five years. Many of these damaged trees can be found along horse trails lining Seventh Street and Pedley and Corona avenues. These trees are included in the 600 that were categorized as dead, dying, diseased or damaged which requires removal. As of today, there are no plans to replace the trees.

Norco city council has a contract with an Anaheim-based arborist to provide care for more than 10,000 trees that are located along the city’s trails, parks and streets but the city has to cut back on the services for lack of budget. As a result, the trees were subjected to sub-standard maintenance and care compromising safety. Professional trimming is very critical otherwise the trees may die. The Norco trees have also suffered from prolonged underwire pruning through Southern California Edison, the main power provider of the city. While the power provider has the authority to clear their right of way, their tactics of topping trees has led to the decay and death of the trees. This was stated in the report of International Society of Arboriculture.

The cost of removing all the damaged trees in the city will cost between $500,000 and $600,000 and getting Southern California Edison to pay a part of the estimated cost will be an opportunity for the city to ensure that the trees are removed. Urban trees play an important role in the removal of air pollutants and the stabilization of microclimate temperature and humidity including regulation of wind speed. If the number of existing trees is increased and large trees with canopy are sustained, the quality of air will be significantly improved.

Pruning trees along boulevards, parks and trails are better left to professional tree lopping Perth to ensure that the health of the trees will not be compromised. The beauty of the landscape is enhanced when the trees are pruned properly. However, tree pruning can be minimized if people know the right types of trees to plant for the space provided.


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