Gucci’s Take On Ugly Christmas Sweater

There are many shops, either brick and mortar or online, selling ugly Christmas sweaters since it started to rise as a new trend. It comes as no surprise that the ugly sweater became one of the most sought after fashion especially during the holiday season. There are parties dedicated for this tacky fashion statement and even competitions are held for those with the most talented hands in making their own ugly Christmas sweater.

No wonder why even big brands such as the Italian brand Gucci decided to release their own line of ugly Christmas sweaters. All thanks to the new creative director of the company, Alessandro Michele, the brand is starting to make a new image with the aesthetic presented in their most recent collections. The designs are not of this world and they even featured a campaign that showcases living creatures from another planet, in short aliens.

One trend remains to be consistently strong and has withstood a number of seasons. We are not referring to the glittery bodysuit that made a banging sound all over the fashion world or the logo tee that has made a lot of buzz. We are talking about the ever present sweaters. When it comes to Christmas sweaters, Gucci has a lot to offer with magical designs while others can be classified as tacky and ugly. Some are too out of this generation that they can be added in an exhibit inside the museum.

To prove that being weird and unique is a good thing, Gucci sales was higher by 49 per cent in the last quarter of 2017 compared to the previous quarter. Despite the fact that the designs might be considered as tacky, it was also the reason why it has been considered attractive by buyers. Not all though are able to afford the fashion offered by Gucci so some of us have to settle with the sweaters are granny gifted as Christmases ago.

We cannot deny that Gucci sells some of the most expensive ugly sweaters there is. This does not mean that we cannot jump in the bandwagon of people wearing woolly sweaters with tinsels, lights and jingles embellished all over.


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