Google To Make Mobile Indexing Default

With the internet constantly changing, companies and organizations need to be able to adapt in order to make sure they have good reviews, like those King Kong SEO reviews and whatnot. A recent announcement from tech giant Google, however, will shake things up a bit.

For a while now, Google’s been working on making mobile indexing the default behaviour of their search engine. With mobile indexing as the default, this means that Google Search will prioritize a site’s mobile content in order to determine its SEO, search index, and ranking, which will undoubtedly affect things like King Kong SEO reviews and other SEO-related matters. The initiative started back in 2016, with the company making changes to smooth out the shift, and they announced on March 5, 2020, that it will be their default for all their sites come September 2020.

Google started with some small tests and changes, before making changes towards the mobile first indexing. In 2019, the first changes were implemented, with more than half of the company’s sites already using mobile indexing first for at least half of their web pages. As of March 2020, the percentage is already at 70%.

Google reports that most sites on the internet are compatible with the new system, but they will occasionally have their Googlebot do crawls of traditional desktop sites. This means that site owners and operators will actually be seeing more Google crawling in the future, as the tech giant will utilize two separate crawlers; one for mobile, one for desktop. The former will identify the mobile user agent that a site uses, while the latter will analyse the desktop site utilizing Chromium. For the most part, however, website owners will see more of the mobile crawler.

The tech giants had some recommendations for site owners who want to prepare for the upcoming changes. Among these recommendations are to not use separate mobile URLs due to issues that this causes with search engines and users, something they’ve noted over the years.

On top of that, Google Search Console is also available for use by site operators, so they can go and check the status of their sites.


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