Gold’s Gym Returns To East Valley, Arizona

It’s been almost half a decade since gym equipment installation and fitness enthusiasts saw a Gold’s Gym in East Valley, Arizona changed ownership and rebrand.

That has changed recently, thanks to the effort of 29-year-old Jad Awale, who worked to bring the fitness brand to the area, returning it to Chandler. Awale stated that he felt that it was imperative to bring the brand back to the Valley for him, adding that he felt the need for this concept, especially with their recently redesigned studio.

Before the change in ownership back in late 2014, the Valley had 6 Gold’s Gym locations, part of a 16-gym franchise, with other locations located in Nevada, as well as Southern California. The entire franchise was acquired later in January 2015, which resulted in every location being rebranded under the Eos Fitness brand.

The Gold’s Gym brand was brought back in the new location, in the Sunset Plaza centre on Ray and Rural roads in Chandler, which finished gym equipment installation and opened late in May, but will be holding its grand opening, complete with raffles, vendors, and other events, sometime later, around July.

Awale grew up in Tucson, where he became a fitness enthusiast early in his life. He recalls his youth, when he was in awe of the fitness magazines that he saw in grocery stores, and how he grew to love fitness.

He says that it’s about how fitness can change people’s bodies and their lives; more energy, less stress, and, overall, a healthier and happier life, even if only a little bit.

Awale used to work out at Gold’s Gym locations across Tucson, and, with his love of the business, has been talking with the company for about three years in order to bring the brand back to Arizona. As of June 2019, he already has 4 other Gold’s Gym locations paid for, though the exact locations have yet to be revealed. He admits that he has plans for other locations in the future.

The first location, Awale says, is a testing ground for the brand’s return, where they can work out all the kinks and see what needs improving.


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