Gambling Issue Affecting The Sydney Opera House

Perhaps the Sydney Opera House has the best roof tiles in Sydney because of the time devoted to its design and materials. Regarded as the most popular symbol of the city and even the entire country of Australia, the building is now facing backlash because of the gambling issue which recently surfaced.

The building has been built for as long as anyone alive can remember that it became a huge part of the locals and a motivating landmark for tourists. The roof is blindingly white while ocean adjacent to it reflects a glistening blue. The combination of the colors alone is a major reason already as to why the landmark is considered uplifting.

With the building standing still, the locals often neglect its presence because they are secured with the thought that it will remain standing for a long time, maybe forever. While the structure is as strong as can be, there are issues that are currently beating on its exterior which led many to question if what they perceived of the symbol of the Opera House  is actually true.

One of the most recent issue occurred last month when the sparkling white tiles of the Sydney Opera House, all 1,556,006 tiles, lit up with an advertisement. The ad which was allowed by the government of New South Wales is all about horse racing.

Opera House’s public servant, Louise Herron, said that she was afraid because the World Heritage listing might be offended. Te Wahipounamu is the landmark that was given the status in New Zealand.

Scott Morrison, the most recent Prime Minister, said that he was only capitalizing on the biggest billboard of the city and he did not get why many are offended by the decision.

In a poll conducted by the Sydney Morning Herald, around 80 per cent of the residents of Sydney are not happy about the gambling advertisement. The public is now filing a petition in order to present an opposition. As much as the building has the most number of roof tiles in Sydney, the people does not want this platform to be used for gambling purposes no matter how harmless the intentions are.


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