Funeral Director Who Buried Suicidal 9-Year-Old Boy Releases Emotional Video

There’s no denying that funeral directors in Sydney and anywhere else deal with a heavy task; death of a loved one is a solemn affair that deserves nothing less than utmost respect. But even veteran funeral directors can be affected by the services they oversee, which was the case with Queenslander Luke Newman.

Mr. Newman recently released a heartfelt and emotional video, imploring people who might be undergoing some tough times, who are feeling down on their luck and suicidal to go and seek help. He said that a person’s self-worth isn’t defined by the people around them, and that suicide is a decidedly permanent solution for a temporary patch in life, which is why he sends his message, asking those who might feel suicidal to pick up their phones and get help.

Occasionally, funeral directors in Sydney and anywhere else in the world have to bury someone who gave up on life, and Newman pointed to one such example in America, where a woman successfully coerced her boyfriend into taking his own life.

But Newman also had another story, one that was far more personal.

Newman talked to local news outlets, revealing that he has been working in the funeral industry ever since he was a teen, spoke of how hard it is to have to bury people who took their own lives. He pointed to one particularly harrowing case, where he had to bury a nine-year-old boy who had ended his own life.

He says that the experience had a really harrowing effect on him, saying that, as a funeral director, one had to be aware what park of it was work and what part was emotional. Newman says that he was feeling sad even weeks following that particular service, wondering what was going through the kid’s mind that made him resort to such measures.

Newman said that he made the video hoping it could make a difference, however small, having suffered through depression in his life.

Newman’s message has reached far and wide, with the funeral director receiving thousands of positive messages and well wishes. Silver Dover Funerals, the funeral home Newman works for, stated that they were proud to help spread the message.


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