Function Over Form, Quality Over Price – Why You Shouldn’t Sacrifice Function For Aesthetics And Why You Shouldn’t Go Cheap On Labor Cost

Most of us are only mindful and excited about the design, that we overlook the function of a certain fixture. We also splurge more on the aesthetics, sacrificing labor cost. Non-professional tradesmen also let the homeowners go their way to satisfy them, with no regard to the future. This practice has cost so many Brits good fortune. They may have sophisticated bathrooms or kitchens but the installation was so poor that time will come it had to be all redone. Most homeowners go for the cheapest estimate in installation and only seek professional assistance when problems arise. A Doncaster-based company, Glow Flow Ltd, undertakes the challenge of meeting customer desired design with smart pipework, ensuring that future instance of servicing will not post any difficult situations.

The cheapest estimate may not provide you the best work. Reasonably priced plumbing are priced like so because of a number of things that needs to be seriously considered, not just design. Meeting design requirements as well as future pipeline access for servicing may be challenging, but is highly necessary. This will prove economically better for the homeowner in the future. While professionals in Glow Flow Ltd and other reputed companies try their very best to achieve the design, they know better than sacrificing functionality over it.

This is better explained in a real-case scenario. A bathroom that is recently refurbished a few years ago sprung a leak. The bathroom was rather sophisticated in design, as the toilet cistern was completely concealed, and the basin was semi-recessed and tiled in. However, the installer has fitted the wrong cistern, and now it is overflowing. The bathroom is on the higher storey and the overflows reached the laminated floor down to the ceiling below. Because it was completely tiled in, the tiling had to be destroyed in order to access the cistern and remove it. The cistern has been overflowing for a while now that it seeped far into the laminated flooring. Now it had to be taken off to dry for a few weeks. Only after then can the toilet be refitted and other pipework replumbed. The entire work cost the homeowner £900. The hassle and aggravation could have been avoided, and that amount of money could have been used for other things. The installer prioritized the design and may have sacrificed cost by buying a cheaper cistern even if it is not compatible.


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