From Shanghai To Thailand To Experience A Holistic Retreat

Can you imagine yourself on a holistic retreat where the only sounds you will hear are the chirping of birds and crickets? Can you survive days without television, internet, Wi-Fi, mobile phone, meat and luxurious amenities? Can you last a day with only lush vegetation to see?  The holistic retreat is your perfect destination if you want to escape the hectic life in a city like Shanghai.

Very often, the reason for experiencing a holistic retreat in the peaceful green hills of Thailand is for self discovery and self purification. When you arrive at the retreat, you will be overwhelmed on how simple life can be and how it can be rewarding to live in a primitive setting. This is what a retreat must be like if it intends to offer a holistic wellness experience.

The retreat is located in what used to be the notorious opium area that is more popularly known as the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar share the borders. The area has become a popular destination for eco-lovers who are interested on nature, ethnic culture and spiritual uplifting.

After a 6-hour flight from Shanghai you have to suffer a 40-minute taxi ride along bumpy dirt tracks that by the time you arrive at the retreat you will already be on the verge of collapse. However, once you see the cozy cloister compound with 6 semi-detached cottages arranged in a circle, your fatigue will be forgotten.

The bungalow where you will temporarily live is a stark contrast to what you are used to in Shanghai. It is decorated in a minimalistic way with rattan furniture and 2 comfortable beds. Some bungalows have air conditioning or electric fans but who cares about modern amenities when you have fresh air? Just step outside to enjoy the fresh air before you sit on the terrace to enjoy a hot cup of organic tea.

At a Phuket holistic retreat, you can enjoy utter tranquillity to clear your mind of all your stresses. The retreat is nestled away from the crowded city. The retreat is surrounded by an enchanting evergreen wonderland perfect for a romantic getaway or bonding time with friends.


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