Friends Who Found A Successful Partnership Through Cleaning Business

At the age of twenty, Ed Jorge was a climber who worked for an automotive company in corporate America.

He became a district manager before his 21st birthday. After his climb stopped and his job ended at the age of 23, he started his own company. He is currently 24 years old.

Jorge’s motivation was already the work, not the title, salary, bonus or benefits.

A business with a friend

To launch his business, he partnered up with his long-time friend, Saul Martinez, who is 23 years old and a military veteran. As partners, they both coined the concept for their company Cleaner Days, which offers various cleaning services for domestic and commercial settings. They also do graffiti removal.

Jorge and Martinez started Cleaner Days back in August 2015.

According to Jorge, their goal is for the company to be the largest cleaning company in the US. He added that they are in an entrepreneur business which they plan to take to the top.

The key to this successful partnership

Jorge mentioned that during the time he wanted to start his business, he had to partner up with someone that shared the same ambition for success.

According to Jorge, he has known Martinez since high school, and they always told each other before how one day they are going to work for themselves.

Jorge added that following high school, he went to college while Saul joined the military. Martinez learned many things, being a leader to working with different types of people coming from ranging demographics. It has been great for Martinez since he works well with their employees. He leads their people in the proper direction through showing them the results of hard work.

They both believe their similar passion to being the best is going to help them be successful in the cleaning industry.


This is an example how shared passion and commitment are a way to start achieving success from scratch, regardless if a business is composed of commercial cleaners in New York or strata cleaners in Sydney. Truly, success only knows hard work and motivation.


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