Four Deserving Children In Georgia Receive Free Orthodontic Care

Many kids could hardly wait to have Easton braces because it means that they are close to being a teenager. Kids need braces for a number of reasons that include crooked and overcrowded teeth or a bad bite or malocclusion. The orthodontist will decide on the right time to start treatment and what devices will be best.

Georgia School of Orthodontics (GSO) has promised $100,000 in complimentary orthodontic care to deserving children in Georgia. The school has kept its promise by selecting 4 children from Gwinnett County and Sandy Springs to receive the complimentary orthodontic treatment in their high-end Duluth and Atlanta facilities.

GSO’s program, Gift of a Smile will provide free orthodontic care to children that require braces but cannot afford the cost. One of the 4 youths that was selected is 12-year old Solomon Michael Morrow from Lawrenceville. The breathing machine with medication for Solomon’s asthma has worn down his teeth and requires expensive dental work. His aunt and caregiver are financially challenged to afford the dental treatment.

Another beneficiary of the program is 15-year old De’ja Hart who used to receive orthodontic care in Baltimore which was not transferable to Georgia. She has to continue the orthodontic treatment because she will be in high school next year.

NicoliAlcantara, a 14-year old from Sandy Springs expressed in a poem that even if she has crooked teeth, she is still beautiful because her smile is unique and her beauty is not perfect. Her poem shows that Nicoli is coping well with her situation but her self confidence will be given an additional boost when she receives orthodontic treatment.

My’Theiz Thomas, an 8-year old from Sandy Springs is embarrassed to smile because his teeth is shifting to the left. Orthodontic care is too expensive for his family but the free program will give him the beautiful smile that he deserves.

The gift of smile is provided by Easton braces for a very affordable price. Orthodontic care does not have to be too expensive because there are payment plans that will suit the patient’s budget. What is important is for individuals to receive quality orthodontic care to achieve beautiful smiles.


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