Forced Cleanup May Not Solve Hoarding Problems

Hoarding clean-up allows a homeowner to reclaim the home including valuable possessions that were assumed lost. Everything without any or minimal monetary value will be removed and disposed off. There are two options to choose from: complete hoarding trash where everything is removed or some things can be put aside for you to keep.

Forced clean-ups cannot always address hoarding problems. In a popular house in Kaleen where white goods have been stockpiled around the property and adjacent public land, forced clean-up was about public safety and not mental health.

According to Professor Mike Kyrios, a clinical psychologist and executive dean of Flinders University College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, there is a risk of self harm among people who become defenceless when all their possessions are removed from the property.

ACT liberals have introduced legislation that will strengthen the powers of the government for forced clean-ups and frequent inspections to properties. However, mental health and hoarding support groups have raised their concerns that the legislation might be punishing people who need support.

ACT Opposition Leader Alistair Coe told media that it not Ok for a property with 250 white goods and seemingly running a business but the government is not doing anything about it. This does not seem to be a mental health issue or a hoarding issue. The proposed legislation is not creating new offences and neither is it targeting the inside of homes.

Mr. Coe said that the legislation is not in line with long term hoarding problems where the properties are already infested with rodents and snakes. There are lots of people with hoarding problems to do not interact with others because of trust issues. If forced clean-up is enforced in these homes, the problem becomes worse because it does not address the underlying reason behind the hoarding problem.

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