Flexible Braided Hoses Cause Plumbing Nightmare For Homeowner

Fifteen years ago, emergency plumbers use flexible braided hoses instead of copper pipes. The flexible braided hose became quite popular for residential and building constructions and renovations. However, the flexible braided hoses also caused a plumbing nightmare for many homeowners.

Cathi Lane owns a small modest home in Pukehina near Tauranga. The home was flooded last September due to a leaky flexi hose. The family only stays in the bach every few weeks but fortunately, there was someone staying in the house at that particular time; otherwise the house would have suffered more damage.

According to results of a research made by IAG Insurance in Australia, flexible braided hoses account for at least one in five water damage claims by Australian households in 2016. The research results also revealed that the risks the pipes will burst increases significantly after 10 years. The flexible braided hose in the Lane’s home was already 9 years old. Under the Building Code, the hoses should last for only five years.

According to the emergency plumber there has been a sudden increase in the number of plumbing leaks and flooded homes in the area. Lane believes that the pipes loosened because of seismic activity in the Edgecumbe Fault, although she is not very sure of her observations. However, the damages to her home were covered by insurance.

On the other hand, ion Thomson was not so lucky. Two years ago, the pipes in his home burst causing water to seep through the tile grout and swell to the floor boards. But while insurance covered the repair of the burst pipes, the repair on the floors were not covered after the insurance found a slow leak on the shower. This small leak has cause rots on the floor and the plumber had to remove the flooring, replace the shower and plaster the walls.

There are certain instances when the emergency plumbers are required to ensure the quality and standards of the pipes used for the plumbing system. Emergency plumbers from Plum b4 You aim to deliver first class service to their clients by using the highest quality of materials on bathroom and plumbing installations.


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