Firefighters Get Truck Training

The latest truck of the fire department in Bazetta is a vehicle which officials mentioned is going to make the firefighter’s jobs simpler.

The latest truck in Bazetta fire department

According to captain of Bazetta’s fire department Mike Mannella, with this latest truck, they are going to see a difference is their job, since it is safer, faster and more efficient.

For the last three weeks, the firefighters got training on this new vehicle. Every one of the firefighters was required to finish ten hours in driver training, as well as six hours in operational training. The KME Fire representatives gave the training.

This latest truck replaces an old ladder truck of 26 years which had some safety issues, according to the fire chief Dennis Lewis. The truck has a water nozzle which is adjustable to fight various type of fires, a 79 foot ladder and a bigger water tank.

Additionally, the truck is given a device which saves people that are trapped in vehicles and a recording device that is the same as a black box concept on airplanes. The ladder and the water gauge has LED lights, too.

Mannella mentioned that these lights are advantageous, especially with these being on the ladder since it makes it safer to use.

He added that the truck is also more maneuverable.

The design of the latest truck

To assist with the designing of the truck, Mannella mentioned that their youngest firefighters from every one of their three shifts was included in the design committee since they are the ones who will use the truck in the longest time.

According to Mannella, he wanted he wanted young eyes on the ladder truck because they are going to make use of it for thirty years.

Zach Walters, a part time firefighter mentioned that the truck boosts the morale of the fire department. He feels that they will be able to offer the best level of service to their citizens.


Even as these firefighters are not really employed for truck driver jobs, the truck training is very valuable to them since they are the first responders to fires and other related emergencies.


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