Fire Incidents Caused By Boilers

When your boiler breaks down the best option is to get a professional plumber in to fix it. Annual boiler servicing and maintenance are considered highly critical as faulty ones may most certainly lead to many possible dangers leading to fire emergency. It has been said that fire incidents that are mainly caused by malfunctioning boilers are not at all new as there had been numerous reports of the incidents, even major ones over the past years. In fact, just four months ago, a popular explosion which was interestingly caught on a nanny cam in one household in Bellingham, Washington was reported all over the web resulting to thousands being able to watch the actual footage of the boiler turning into a bomb. The family residing in the said home was said to be fortunate as nobody was harmed, even the 3-year old girl who was said to be sleeping above the boiler as the incident happened.

Last July 29, 2015, a more recent report about a fire that was caused similarly by a boiler in Stonesfield, West Oxforshire came out. The said incident, as investigated by the team of firefighters was caused by a defective boiler in one of the residential homes in the area. Fortunately, the elderly couple who were residing in the said house were saved just at the right time by a concerned neighbor. According to him, he immediately called the fire emergency hotline upon hearing the smoke alarm and after which did the heroic act of bringing the couple to his home.

Because of the said incident, Gary Crone, the watch manager of one of the crews that were responsible for putting off the fire, reminded all residents not just from the area but the general public to ensure that the smoke alarms in their respective homes are always perfectly working to serve its purpose. More importantly, he also adviced that electric wiring be properly connected at all times. In fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), the latter, faulty electrical outlets, and old appliances are the leading causes of electrical fires. This being said, he urged everyone to contact their nearby electrics servicing or other electricians trained to do the job to highly guarantee safety from such incidents. Crone added that the elders were indeed lucky, but things may have been more out of control resulting to the worst scenario – loss of lives.


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