Features That Commonly Annoy Web Designers

Being a web designer can be rough, as some websites can be a bit, let’s say, “rough”.

Sometimes it’s too busy, it’s too complex, having broken links, or other such issues. Some web design are common, but some of them show just how outdated or uninspired the site’s design is. Here are a few features that commonly irk web designers.

Drop-down menus

An outdated feature that sees some use in retail sites, drop-down menus go against the general rule of web design; convenience. Commonly, drop-down menus end up with text that’s too small to read, and end up blocking content on the page itself.

Icons and images are better for navigation, though they offer a more gradual exploration. Actually, that’s a good thing. Drop-down menus abruptly drop all the information of a site onto the user’s lap, which doesn’t really help with user experience.

Sidebar navigation on secondary pages

They’re a good indicator of age, coming from a more ‘archaic’ age of web development and design.

They’re useful, but they’re more ‘template-like’, beaten out by shortcut options that are unique to that specific clients and industries. On the internet, where competition is strict, being unique and standing out is all the more important. That’s why having custom shortcuts designed to match the brand is the superior option.

Dated content

Hoo boy, the killer of sites across the world: dated content. On the internet, content is king. When it comes to sites, dated content means breeds doubt. It warns of a company or brand that either no longer exists or doesn’t care about its online presence. Sometimes it might just be the unfortunate result of having to budget things, but it’s always a bad look.

Home page button

It’s pretty much expected now that clicking on a site or brand’s logo will take people back to the site’s homepage. For this reason, a home page button is commonly seen as an outdated thing; a product of a bygone age. This doesn’t sound so bad, but for web development, or anything heavily-digital, age is not something that’s treated well.

Same thing can be said of site map links, which is not only old, but a sign of bad design. Well-designed pages with easy navigation not only render them useless, but completely obsolete as they allow users to reach the content they want with ease, without the need for help.


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