Farmers In NSW Looking For Ways To Help Cattles Survive Drought

It might not have been included in your wildest dream for a tree lopping in Wynnum to cut down a tree in order to feed to animals yet it is a reality. In fact, many of the farmers who are residing in NSW at the northwestern side are already turning to drastic measures in order to save their animals particularly cattle.

Farmers are tree lopping what locals called the kurrajong because it is an alternative to feeding the cattle suffering from drought. The cattle love to munch on the leaves of the trees. According to Malcolm Donaldson who is a farmer from the area, there is very little rain visiting their place therefore they turn to the next big thing they can do which is to hand foot.

Since May of 2018, Donaldson has already cut down around 600 trees. He admitted that the presence of the kurrajong trees is considered to be a big blessing during the drought because it helped them stay afloat during the most challenging times.

Only two choices are left for them at the end, to risk losing all those trees to drought or to use them in order for the cattle to survive. Farmers know when the best time to lop kurrajong tree and it should be right before winter or right after the winter season.

Mr. Donaldson is not the only one who admitted to be doing it because his neighbours are also doing the same. It has become a chore for many to find out the best method for looting. They are mainly utilizing cherry picker because it makes the task easier but it does not mean faster. Their original plan was to use silage clamps but in the end they used kurrajong leaves because it is very palatable.

One of the challenges Mr. Donaldson faced, which is not lost to the workers who do tree lopping in Wynnum as well, is the fear of height. The work requires them to climb high places with care in order to avoid unfortunate accidents which could lead to fatal injuries or, worse, death.


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