Facebook Talks About The Benefits Of Personalized Ads

Facebook has recently launched a targeted ad campaign that talks about the benefits of targeted advertising.

The fairly-meta campaign started late February 2021, dubbed Good Ideas Deserve to be Found, and will run across different media and digital channels, throughout spring in the US.

The purpose of the campaign, according to Facebook, is to espouse the benefit of targeted ads, especially for small businesses that have had it rough in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. The campaign will talk about small businesses that have used targeted ads on the social media platform to grow their business, but make no mention of the fact that Facebook has slowly been watching its organic search decline.

Facebook Head of Brand Strategy Andrew Stirk states that the initiative is part of their long-term support of small businesses, noting how a lot of small businesses use their free tools, which is why they ensure this support.

Stirk states that there just happens to be a degree of urgency due to the fact that businesses across the world are hurting due to the coronavirus outbreak. Data from a recent Facebook survey had 47% of its respondents state concerns that they might not be able to survive the first half of 2021.

Beyond this initiative, Facebook is also implementing a couple of small business-related changes, like redesigns for easier user, restaurants can now also upload their menus directly to their pages for ease of viewing, and other improvements aimed at helping small businesses prop up that king kong advertising review of theirs and bring in more customers.



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