Exotic Islands Worth Exploring

People into walking are more attracted to islands because of the unique appeal they offer. The lives of the people in an island are slower compared to those in the metropolitan and islands hold a lot to be explored. There are beautiful walking trails and landscapes in islands such as La Gomera. Travelers can easily book apartments for rent La Gomera and hike its mountains. This is not the only untouched island as there are many options from the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and Solent. Here is a list of the best islands to explore in the world.

  • Crete is one of the best islands to explore by foot because it has three major hiking regions – the popular gorges such as Dikti, Idi, Ori and Lefka, the south coast and the mountain ranges perfect for hiking. During summertime is the most crowded for travelers planning to walk the famous gorges and the beautiful coast.
  • Hikers should include Sicily on their list because of the number of opportunities such as the islands of Aeolian and Egadi, the mountains of Nebrodi and Madonie, Mount Etna and the hills of Iblei. Majority of the ancient paths have not been cleared and complete maps are not easy to get.
  • Many would not believe that Corsica holds a lot of wonders for hikers. It has huge mountains made of granite, number of wild country and a jaw-dropping coastline. If you are an expert in hiking, you can try the two-week long trek exploring the high mountains of Corsica. The track is more commonly called GR20 and the paths are not only rough but remote as well because of the limited roads crossing it.
  • Port-Cros is a tiny island with no roads thus no cars can be found there and very little exists in Porquerolles, a larger neighboring island. Port-Cros offers a number of trails worth exploring including the Path of the Golden Apples.
  • The Canary Islands is starting to gain a name in the tourism industry. Its hiking havens are the islands of La Palma and La Gomera. They have green highlands which are perfect for waling. Travelers planning to hike have a number of options for apartments for rent La Gomerawhile La Palma boasts its Parador de La Palma accommodation.


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