Even Amidst Bad Internet Connection, Most Indians Still Prefer Online Shopping

India is currently facing a major connection problem. The Internet connections, accessibility and network there seem to be a tad too slow than average. But even this problem is not stopping Indian consumers. Recent survey says that about 64% of Indians still prefer online or mobile shopping than going to physical stores. With a population as big as India, 64% is a very large number.

This 2015, it is expected that the number of Indians turning to mobile shopping will increase to an outstanding 89% with 50% of them saying that they enjoy the mobile shopping experience better than going to malls and physical stores. Like many other consumers worldwide, the biggest factor that can affect online shopping would be the speed of the connection and the time it takes for an online store to load. About 42% will wait for four seconds before they become impatient and turn to other rival sites instead. Security is also a big issue here as most consumers feel that they would fall victim to theft and fraud.

Most Indian consumers said that they are much more satisfied with the services given by foreign or international sites as they are much simpler and faster.

If India has bad Internet connectivity and still its people prefer online shopping, then how would that compare with other nationalities who live in countries that have great Internet services? The eCommerce Industry is definitely booming as its popularity rises.

In fact, most European, U.S. and Chinese consumers have one thing in common when it comes to shopping: they all prefer to shop internationally through online shopping.

Online shopping or eCommerce has definitely risen over the years. Maybe it is because people are lazier than before or that they are much more satisfied with the way technology is going.

Additionally, the number of consumers and shoppers who use shop using mobile platforms is set to increase this year. More people will be turning to their smartphones, tablets and iPads to shop because it proves to be more convenient and cost effective rather than going on a traditional shopping spree. In all of this, China and India will be the leaders in the mobile shopping revolution.


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