Enjoy Eastbourne While Being Booked In A Hotel In Eastbourne, UK

Eastbourne is exploding with so much things to see and do. You may want to extend your visit to this city to enjoy more activities to do. To ensure your accommodation, why not book in a hotel in Eastbourne, UK, where it can pamper you and your family with the best amenities.

In Eastbourne, there are several attractions and fun things to do suited for all ages. From zoos and theme parks to exploring the city’s history, you’ll be amazed at about a thousand castles, art galleries and museums. You can enjoy panoramic views at the Beachy Head or through its gardens and parks. You can also sample the local produce from the farmers’ markets and vineyards. Enjoy fun-filled trips to the seaside or spend the whole day shopping. You can then fill in your famished stomachs with great food and beverages through the traditional pubs, wine bars, and vast restaurants.

  • Beachy Head

This famous chalk sea cliff is famous in TV and film locations. Some of the favourite film scenes were actually filmed here. The famous James Bond movie “the Living Daylights’ where shot here, where the secret agent parachutes from a Land Rover, making audience believe that it was taken in Gibraltar. TV advertisements or commercials were also shot in this beautiful landscape.

  • Drusillas Park

This is actually the best small zoo in Europe where you can spend a fantastic day with exotic animals like pandas, penguins, meerkats and monkeys. The kids can also enjoy the themed adventure play areas such as the the Hello Kitty Secret Garden, Go Wild!, Go Bananas! Amazon Adventure, and the Get Wet! In the park, the kids can also enjoy the African theme rides with a Hippopotubus, Safari Express train and the Flying Cheetahs.

  • TJ’s Nightclub

This is a must-try nightclub in Eastbourne where you can dance and enjoy the night with lovely ladies. You’ll be seated with great food, drink deals, exclusive cocktails, regular live music and special theme nights.  Certainly, after a long day, you’ll want to get back to your hotel in Eastbourne, UK for some peace and quietness; and this is what it’s like in Eastbourne.


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