Enjoy And Be Accommodated In Hotel Suites In Rayong City

Travelling by car will make you reach Rayong city in two hours. The small city is a favourite getaway destination among holidaymakers who prefer a more peaceful atmosphere rather than the nearby touristy Pattaya. If you’re heading to KohSamet, you’ll find it a perfect place for shopping and sightseeing. Enjoy it before you take a ride on a speedboat or ferry at Baan Pae. Of course, you will need to book in hotel suites in Rayong for your accommodation.

Although it will only take you a45-minutes ferry ride to KohSamet, you’ll find that Rayong is indeed a beautiful place. Here you’ll meet lots of Thai families or groups of local university students rather than foreign travelers and backpackers. Local Bangkok residents often come here to enjoy the soft white sand or have a great seafood meal. In Rayong, you’ll breathe clean fresh air, before heading back home or to your desired destination.

Rayong Attractions

At Baan Pae, you’ll discover lots of activities. Here you’ll find the entry points for land and sea expeditions. In here are ferry piers, bus terminals, food stalls and vibrant handicrafts and seafood markets. Learn to relax in Laem Mae Pim, the next renowned destination after Baan Pae. Experience the beachside eateries while watching the peaceful seawaters. Another popular attraction just four kilometres from Baan Pae is the casuarina-bordered Had Suan Son and its awesome beach roads. You’llalso find the Rayong Aquarium, MahaChakriSirindhorn Herbal Park and Sopha Arboretum. Once done, you’ll like to return to your hotel suites in Rayong to relax and rest.

Rayong Restaurants

Rayong is famous for its savoury seafood, that’s why you’ll like to dine by the beach and experience the fresh breeze. Dining in these restaurants will guarantee a magnificent view of the pristine sand and crystal-clear seawaters. Here you’ll taste fresh prawns, steamed crab and sea bass paired with lime ginger sauce. Complete your scrumptious meal the local style with freshly picked tropical fruits. After enjoying your day at the beach, go back to your hotel suites in Rayong for some peaceful time with loved ones or group of friends.


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